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Houses for sale. A team work project from the student of 2C-ESO

In this project each two or three students team is a Real State Agency selling an amazing house.

Come in and see if you like our houses.

If you want to buy one of them we are sorry to tell you that they only exist in our fantasy. Anyway we will be dilighted to take your money :)

Clic on the picture.

lunes, 14 de abril de 2014

A Week in Les Alcusses (NaturJove)

Arriving at the hostel we did games know each other and lose the shame . Then we were assigned rooms between 6 and 8 people, then we had lunch and made the “game of the onion”. Later we ate and we set out to do groups for theoretical classes and other activities . After the classes and the  activities we had a snack. We did this followed by more games and free time. Finally we had dinner and headed to do night games.

Other days we had the same work plan varying activities and schedule of them. Some of the activities were : climbing, cycling , flying , horse riding , archery, etc. . We also were taught crafts (as making a wicker basket ) and make candles, lip care, and recycled paper. We were also taught archeology among other things. One night game we did was to look for the monitors who were hiding and that they should make a series of questions. Another night game was the home of Terror among many others. There was also a talent show and disco farewell .

One of the things that caught our eye was a box called "Crazy Mail Box" where notes with written  gossip was read aloud. It was a very good experience and we had a great time thanks to the enthusiasm of the monitors and the joy of being with our classmates.

                         Jazmin Valencia 2ºB
Cristina Garcia 2ºC

Semana en Les Alcusses ( NaturJove)

Al llegar al albergue hicimos juegos para conocernos y perder la vergüenza. Luego nos asignaron las habitaciones de entre 6 y 8 personas, a continuación almorzamos e hicimos el juego de la cebolla. Más tarde comimos y nos dispusimos a hacer los grupos para la clase teórica y las demás actividades. Tras las actividades y la clase merendamos. Seguido de esto hicimos más juegos y tiempo libre. Finalmente cenamos y nos dirigimos a realizar juegos nocturnos.
Los demás días tenían el mismo plan de trabajo variando las actividades y el horario de estas. Algunas de las actividades eran: escalada, ciclismo, tirolina, montar a caballo, tiro con arco, etc. También nos enseñaron artesanía (como hacer una cestita de mimbre), como hacer velas, vaselina, y papel reciclado. También nos enseñaron arqueología entre otras cosas. Uno de los juegos nocturnos que hicimos fue buscar a los monitores quienes estaban escondidos y a los que se les debía hacer una serie de preguntas. Otro juego nocturno fue  la casa del Terror entre otros muchos. También hubo un concurso de talentos y una discoteca de despedida.
Una de las cosas que más nos llamó la atención fue una caja llamada “Crazy Mail Box”, donde escribíamos cotilleos para los monitores y los leíamos en voz alta. Fue una experiencia muy bueno y nos lo pasamos muy bien gracias al entusiasmo de los monitores y la alegría de estar con nuestros compañeros. 

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jueves, 27 de marzo de 2014

History in the streets-Molina

History in the streets-Molina

Molina is a city in the south-east of Spain. Its name was Molina in Roman times.The population is about
68.511 now.
The people of Molina are called molinenses. 

There are many interesting places: The place of company, the Vega Plaza ... ..There are a wall many years ago.

There are many interesting people live heare: Pepe Yagües... .


jueves, 20 de marzo de 2014


My name is George. I live in Molina de Segura. In Molina there are not many celebrities because it is little known. I know the mayor called Eduardo Contreras, I also know Yagües Pepe, a sculptor in Los Conejos in Molina de Segura. Pepe does exhibitions in New York, Berlin and Madrid. There are two very famous writers in Molina: Jerónimo Tristante and Paco López Mengual. The first has a novel called "HAUNTED HOUSE" and Paco Lopez Mengual writes "THE MAP OF A CRIME."


History in the streets - Molina

Molina is a city in the south-east of Spain.People first lived in molina about          years ago. The population is about 68.511 ago . There are places in molna with the names of important people in history:  

  • Ermita de San Roque 
  • Sacred Heart Church 
  • Chapel of Our Lady of Consolation 
  • St. Vincent Martyr Church 
  • Church of the Holy Family

The people of molina are called molinenses. famous molinenses include los AURYN   and  DAVID BISBAL.